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February 2007
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Well today was bored on the couch and decided to give pydev a try. This got me thinking, at work I use visual studio and more recently Sharp Develop constantly. When I was mainly coding in python I found myself coding in vim via ssh. On windows I use LEO for organization and spe viewing working with files. The main things I liked about spe was pychecker was integrated, gave me a shell that was already had current working directory set for script I was editing, and the syntax highlighting. The other day I tried to write a simple csharp program via notepad. It was impossible, not knowing the line number the error was on and the curly braces added so much line space made any errors I made very difficult to find. The amount of work modern ide's do for us is amazing, though its also a reflection of the languages implemented on them. What makes c# so nice is the reflection back to the ide. This gives nice tab completion as well as ability to see document strings and look up the documentation pretty well instantly. However my code is still very verbose and digging through the code I wrote a week ago is already quite difficult. Which is why started creating unit tests like mad, to help make sense of what does what, and where it is located. My biggest issues with C# thus far are the curly braces, the ugly xml comments, and the fact that once something is in namespace it often isn't obvious what assembly or even namespace it came from. Most of these annoyances hinder readability, however the last one is by far the most fixable and annoying. Some other bad habits beginning to pick up, due to looking at different code, at times I am using System.Int32, etc types other places I am using the c# types. I try to use this keyword at all times, however it does slip through the cracks from time to time. Explicit is definitely better than implicit, especially in c# and more than one way to do things is very much an issue as well. The moral of the story, a good ide can take you so far, python teaches you some very good habits, but bad habits are so easy to pick up and die hard.

As an aside, starting to look at boo again, it is a nice compromise between c# and python.

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